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About Us

Ruthie: a little about me...

I am a Montessorian and local mother of two young boys with a passion for music in the Early Years. After many years teaching at one of the most well respected Montessori nurseries in London, I took time out to start a family of my own. 


Whilst on Maternity Leave with my eldest son I began to look for a music class that mirrored the quality of teaching I had found during group circles in many Montessori classrooms and unsatisfied with what I found, Circle Time was born in 2015! For 4 years Circle Time's home was in Tooting, South London but in 2019 my family and I moved to the country in search of pastures new and Circle Time found a new community in Haslemere at The Haslemere Hub and we've been here ever since. 


I have a qualification in paediatric first aid, a DBS check and public liability insurance. 


Ruthie Tweddle, B.Soc.Sc, Mont. Dip




Our Approach

Circle Time gives all children in their early years the opportunity to explore their creativity, build their confidence in group situations and gain skills needed to maximise their potential in a calm and welcoming environment.
Maria Montessori recognised and valued each child's ability to be creative. Everyone is born with a capacity for music and Montessori believed that this inborn capacity needs to be given the right opportunities and experience to develop.

Modern research has shown that exposure to music is a constructor of intelligence, a builder and organizer of the nervous system, as well as an expressive language of emotion. The Montessori approach puts an emphasis on independence, freedom of movement and the importance of allowing each child to develop at their own pace and in their own way.
At Circle Time the children in our Music Classes are taught in a mixed aged class (0-4 years) and encouraged to explore music in a safe and happy setting with the primary focus being to have fun. Our songs, games and stories help build fundamental social and creative skills alongside early literacy and numeracy skills, and an introduction to many everyday British Sign Language signs to aid communication development. Our classes support the learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our Treasure Basket Classes allow the babies to satisfy their curiosity about the world around them. Through the exploration of items offering rich sensorial experiences for touch, smell, taste, sound and movement, the babies are free to initiate their own learning whilst building confidence, independence and self esteem. 
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